Touch / click on pards to pre-enter an event. This is just to allow the organisers to arrange table numbers and any seeding needed.

All events are hosted on RealBridge. After pre-entry, each member of the entry will then need to return to the Congress site, within 2 hours of the event start, to Join the Event and Pay by credit card ,via a secure Stripe link.

Date Description -->Tables
Sun 02-May Mini Congress CONGRESS Teams Sun 1500hrs --> 20 filled, 100 max
Sun 02-May Mini Congress INTERMEDIATE Teams Sun 1500hrs --> 7 filled, 100 max
Sat 01-May Mini Congress INTERMEDIATE Pairs Sat 1630hrs --> 11 filled, 100 max
Sat 01-May Mini Congress CONGRESS Pairs Sat 1630hrs --> 16.5 filled, 100 max
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